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If you’re a budding or established social media influencer we’d love to hear from you! No matter your chosen platform or follower count we want to hear from influencers large and small to see how we can grow together.To do this it’s important that you understand what we do, and want to do as company.

Why Work With Us?


Our philosophy is a little different to others in our industry. We believe in providing parents with great products at competitive prices. We’re the first to admit our products aren’t the cheapest but is that really what parents want? We don’t believe so.

Our belief is that parents are far happier with their purchases when they prove to not only be great quality and stand the test the time. But also when they have no reasons to buy any extras that make that product suitable for them. This belief drives us in all of our design decisions, and we are always monitoring peoples feedback to introduce upgrades to our existing lines, and bring in brand new ones.

We’re not interested in pursuing paid celebrity endorsements, what we want is opinions, thoughts and topics shared by everyday parents. Moms and Dads that have a true understanding of the trials and tribulations of parenting. Not just the ups, but the downs too. We want to build a community of like minded parents that engage and help each other through both our influencers and our social media platforms.

Working Together


Working with us may be a little different to working with other companies. It may sound unorthodox but even though we have a rough idea of what we want from our influencers, we also want you to explore your creativity, after all no one knows your audience better than you! We encourage influencers to submit your ideas and try new things, allowing you more freedom allows you to learn and grow. And it’s not just down to you, we’ll provide you with the support of our marketing department to help you, you never know you may also learn some new skills too!

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Join the Venture Family

Become a part of the Venture family and learn, grow and create a community with us.

Creative Freedom

We give you creative freedom to try new things and create innovative content..

Be Featured

Feature on our website as a trusted parent tester.

Increase your Audience

We encourage our Influencers to work with others within our network. Sharing ideas and allowing for growth.

Affiliate Program

Gain access to our Affiliate program and earn money from your posts.

Reward Options

Depending on the individual and the work done we have different reward options available.

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If this sounds like something you’d love to be a part of, then we’d love to hear from you! Remember to include what you're looking for from us, we know this isn’t a one way street, and we want you to be happy when working with us.

Simply fill out the contact form below with your details and we’ll be in touch!