Venture All Stars Baby Playpen - The Best Indoor, Outdoor Playpen.

If you're shopping around for a new playpen, there's no doubt your list is top to tail with fantastic options. But this is where the problem lies, with so much choice how do you know which is the right playpen for you and your little one? Here at Venture we have a wide range of playpens suitable for many different families and households, but now we're going to be taking a an in depth look at the Venture All Stars Playpen.

A playpen that adapts to your room space

The Venture All Stars baby playpen is one our most popular playpens for toddlers and babies. This popularity comes from how highly configurable and adaptable this playpen is. Slotted together with tool free “push fit” components, the playpen can be reduced in size and shape to make it easy configure to your rooms shape. And it’s robust non-toxic materials mean that it also feels at home outside too. Removable anti slip play-mats also give you the added comfort that, when placed on concrete or wood flooring, your little one won’t get any bumps or bruises.

Colourful and fun filled design

Playpens are a great place for your baby or toddler to play in safety and comfort. Whilst most playpens are filled with toys from the toy box, the Venture All Stars baby playpen is itself a toy. We integrated a learning clock into one of the panels and threw in coloured play balls to make going in the playpen exciting for your little one.