Venture Q-Fix Extra Tall Pressure Fit Baby & Pet Safety Gate | 75-84cm x 110cm Extra Tall

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Stop your baby or toddler from getting to places that aren’t safe. Our Q-Fix Extra Tall Safety Gate is 110cm tall and constructed from durable steel and is pressure fitted to ensure that your little one will remains safe and sound at all times. With a simple squeeze and pullback handle and wide walk through design, this gate is a convenient and practical choice for any parent or home!

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More Information

Taller than the average safety gate

Standard safety gates do a great job at keeping most children out of places they shouldn’t be, however all children are different and some just manage to find ways around them. The Venture Q-fix Extra Tall safety gate is 110cm tall making it much tall than most average gates. This extra size height makes it even harder for little ones to get to places they shouldn’t be!

No more damage to walls or door frames!

Venture Q-fix gates are designed to prevent damage to walls and door frames that are often associated with fitting many child safety gates. Holes and broken walls become a thing of the past with the Q-fix’s pressure fitting screws, simply slide the bolts into the hole and tighten the white cups, this generates pressure between the walls or frames and the gate itself holding it in place.

Perfect for pets!

Not only are our extra tall safety gates perfect for keeping children out of trouble, they’re also great for pets too. The extra height makes them perfect for keeping large dogs at bay without the need lock them away, so you can always keep an eye on them. The gaps within the bars are also narrow enough to prevent most pets from squeezing through.

Product Specifications

These numbers are approximate (cm/kg). Please note sizes may be subject to change. If in doubt contact us and we'd be happy to help!

  • Width

    75-84 adjustable

  • Height


  • Length


  • Weight


  • Age

    6 Months +

  • Compliance

    BS EN1930:2011

Q-Fix Safety Gate Dimensions White

BS EN1930:2011

This is correct, the gate is secured with pressure fitting this means that the holes in the frame do not have threads for the bolts to secure into. To secure the gate you simply need to slide the bolt into the hole, then turn the small plastic collar on the bolt so it begins to slide towards the frame of the gate. Keep going until the collar reaches the frame and tighten. You will notice that as the bolt is tightened it will push the bolt outward, this will then create pressure between the wall and the gate allowing for a firm fixing.

You may notice the gate and frame do not align as you unpack the gate, and the gate may appear bent. Do not be alarmed by this as it's due to the design of gate itself. If you are noticing that the locking mechanism is not latching properly it may mean that you need tighten the bolts further.

Yes, if you need to increase the width of your gate we have both white and black, 7 and 14cm extensions available to buy on our website.

The small plastic cups provided with the gate can be attached to the wall, giving the safety gate a more solid and secure fitting if needed.

The gap between the bars is appoximately 5.5cm.

The width the gate opens by is approximately 56cm.