Venture Universal Car Seat Protector

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The Venture Car Seat protector helps prevent damage to your cars rear seats from things like baby car seats and drink spillages. The protector covers create a durable waterproof barrier between the surface of the seat and the car seat. Features handy storage compartments for your little ones favourites toys and books.

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Protect your cars seats from any potential damage

A car seat is part of everyday life when you have children, there’s always the chance that they could damage the seats of your car and repairing them can be costly. Venture Car Seat Protectors have a thick and durable lining to prevent this. It creates a lining between the seats of your car and the base of your car seat, negating any potential scuffs, rips or stains that could occur with day to day use.

Simple and secure fitting

Fitting the Venture Car Seat Protector couldn’t be easier. Simply position the adjustable strap around the headrest of the seat and clip and unfold. Once your happy that the protector is in the correct position, fit your car seat safely and securely to your car.

Handy storage pockets for your childs essentials

The Venture car seat protector also features handy storage pockets on the bottom fold of the cover. These clever elastic mesh nets are a great way of storing any of your baby or childs essentials, that you may need to get access to whilst traveling. Perfect for your little ones favourite bottles or toys.

Product Specifications

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Venture Car Seat Protector Dimensions


Yes the Venture car seat protector is fully compatible with Isofix car seats and belt fixing. There are gaps in the protector that allow for Isofix bars to be pushed through them and into the correct points.

We find the bets way to clean the car seat protector is with a damp cloth or a small cleaning brush to remove those more stubborn marks. As the item has a grippy mesh side to keep it in place on the base seat of the car, we advise not to wash this item in the washing as it may cause damage.

The Venture Car Seat Protector is universal meaning it's intended to be work on any seat size no matter the car. As there are so many different makes and models of car it would be almost impossible for us to list every car it's suited for. However if you have any concerns feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to assist you.