Venture All Stars DUO Baby Playpen – Pink

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  • A stylish re-colour of our supremely popular ‘All Stars Baby Playpen‘.
  • Popping in pink this baby & toddler playpen is perfect for play!
  • Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use.
  • Includes soft playmats.
  • Easy assembly with push-fit panels.
  • Mother & Baby & Made For Mums award winner for safety 2020 & 2021!
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What Makes It Special...


Matching Playmats

Included with each All Stars DUO playpen are matching playmats that add that little extra sparkle to playtimes!

The door detail on the All Stars DUO Pink baby playpen

Distinct DUO Styling

The DUO features truly unqiue and distinct styling that makes it fun for little ones but also a great a addition to any nursery.


Safe And Secure Play

Keeping your baby safe as they toddle around can be super stressful. But the DUO can help keep your little one contained as they play away happily.

For Lifes Most Important Journeys


More Information

Popping In Pink Playpen

Now in popping pink our All Stars DUO playpen is a great space for your little one to play and relax safely! The two tone design gives the playpen a more attractive look, meaning you can happily place it in your lounge or nursery without the concern of it overwhelming the room with garish colours. The soft EVA playmats perfectly compliment the pink and white panels to make the pen a fun and engaging place for your little one to play.

Learning & Play Activity Panel

Each of our All Stars DUO baby playpens comes with a feature packed activity panel designed to aid children in learning colours, numbers and letters. The hands on the clock face can be moved around freely, so baby can discover numbers independently or with the help of a parent guiding them through. The panel also includes a letters game great for starting off the ABC’s and a two turning cogs that are great for encouraging use of motor skills.

A locking gate panel keeps your little on safe and sound

The All Stars DUO pink baby playpen also features a lockable safety gate designed to be easy for an adult to open but impossible for a child that’s inside the pen. Working on a simple sliding latch mechanism the gate can be open and closed quickly and easily by simply sliding the latch from left to right. The sturdy nature of the plastic lock means it stays in place even when the gate is being pulled on or pushed.

Product Specifications

These numbers are approximate (cm/kg). Please note sizes may be subject to change. If in doubt contact us and we'd be happy to help!

  • Width


  • Height


  • Length


  • Weight


  • Age

    From Birth

  • Compliance

    BS EN 12227:2010

The All Stars DUO baby playpen is playpen is also available in Pink

BS EN 12227:2010

Stability is a key feature of our All Stars DUO playpens, due to their large size and push-fit panels the playpen will remain firmly planted when your little one tries to push or even climb it!

Yes, the playpen is designed to remain stable on a number of different flooring types including carpet, laminate, tiled and more. However each and every floor is different so we always advise to you to consider your own circumstance.

Yes, you can purchase seperate panels and playmats individually to make your playpen even larger if you need too.

Yes, the DUO like our original 'All Stars' playpen can be configured into whichever shape you like. Most of the time people tend to keep adopt the standard square shape, however some people opt for rectangle shapes and sometimes remove panels to offer even more options. The mats provided are suited to fit perfectly when the playpen is set up as a square, however if the shape is changed it can simply be placed on top of the mats.

Yes, all of our 'All Stars' baby playpens can be connected to one another to create an even larger space when required.

The playpen can be assembled and with one simple move, the push fit connecters on each panel slide easily into one another to create each wall. It's super easy and one person should be able to assemble it easily.