Hush Premium Bedside Crib & Co-Sleeping Cot – Grey Knit

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  • The latest design of our award winning Hush Bedside Crib.
  • Start co-sleeping with your little one by unzipping the dropside and connecting to your bedside.
  • The Hush+ has an upgraded premium airflow mattress that helps keep your little one cool.
  • Lightweight design makes it perfect for use in almost any room in your home.
  • Height adjustable and one side tilt can help reduce the effects of colic.
  • Upgraded Grey knit material and brushed steel detailing make the Hush+ that little more stylish!
  • Meets the latest BS EN 1130:2019 safety standards
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More Information

Keep Your Baby Close With The Hush+ Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib

There’s no doubt that sleep is a key part of any babys development, however in the very early stages from being a newborn to toddler it can also be an incredibly stressful time for parents. As newborns require a lot of attention need to be tended too throughout the night, it’s important that they are as close as possible for some parents. The Hush+ co-sleeping crib is a fantastic alternative to a moses basket as it allows bed sharing without the risks of having your baby in the bed with you.

Attaches To The Bed Easily

Fitting the Hush bedside co-sleeper to your bed couldn’t be easier. Simply get the provided fixing straps and clip them into the available sockets on the underside of the crib. Next unzip the side panel on the crib and pass the straps underneath your beds mattress and hook over the bed frame on the opposite side, then simply tighten the straps to give the crib a stable and secure fit to the side of the adult bed. If your bed is higher or lower than the crib you can adjust it’s height by lifting the handles on either side, and adjusting acordingly.

Perfect for co-sleeping on the go or at home!

It’s good to have a safe sleeping space for your baby available at all times. Whether your at home on the sofa or armchair or away travelling, the Hush co sleeper cot provides parents with a great place for baby to sleep. Like most bedside cribs it’s perfect when used alongside the parents bed, but it’s lightweight design and sturdy frame make it just as good when used as a standalone crib or cot. It’s firm mattress, airy design and height adjustment make this baby bed a great choice for babys that enjoy falling asleep on mummy or daddys lap!


Product Specifications

These numbers are approximate (cm/kg). Please note sizes may be subject to change. If in doubt contact us and we'd be happy to help!

  • Width


  • Height

    69-86 Adjustable

  • Length


  • Weight


  • Age

    0-6 Months

  • Compliance

    BS 1130-1/2:1996

The Hush+ is the newest bedside crib by Venture

BS 1130-1/2:1996

Yes, the specially designed mattress comes with every Hush co sleeper.

From the floor to the top rail of the bedside crib is 68 cm at its lowest setting and 86cm high at its highest depending on the setting applied. From the floor to the top of the mattress is 34 cm at its lowest setting and 54cm high at it highest.

The mattress is 85 x 51 cm.