Safety & Healthcare

Our range of safety products from playpens, safety gates and bed guards are perfect for keeping your little ones safe!

Here at Venture UK your child?s safety is our number one priority. The household can be a dangerous place for little ones, this is why we make it our mission to provide products specifically designed to keep your child safe. Our range of Q-fix pressure fit safety gates provide the perfect barrier between your toddlers and any potentially dangerous areas of the home such as the stairs, garages or kitchen. Playpens are the perfect for keeping a close on on your little ones whilst he or she is playing. We have a wide range of playpens that can easily be adjusted to fit any room type or specification meaning they can be placed in whichever room you?re in. And when it comes to bed time our Q-Fix Bed Guard can be fixed firmly to any bed frame to stop any falls in the night.

For car safety we have a wide range of travel mirrors that let you monitor your baby whilst your driving, allowing you to keep concentration on the road.