Venture All Stars Playpens offer a safe and secure environment for your baby or toddler to play.

Every parents priority is child safety (closely followed by coffee!). With our range of playpens, you can let your little one mess around, safe in the knowledge that they can’t go off exploring where they shouldn’t be! Pop a baby monitor in the room and you can safely nip to the kitchen for that all important cuppa.

We stock a range of playpens that meet the needs of any parent. Our 3 in 1 multi-use playpens can be used as as both a fireguard, room divider or safety gate meaning that even when it’s not in use it can always serve a purpose.

All of our playpens are safety tested and conform to british safety standard BS EN 12227:2010. This means that whether you’re looking for a playpen that’s plastic, metal or fabric we have one to suit.