How to choose the perfect bedside crib


After becoming incredibly popular in the last few years, there are now so many great options available for parents out there. In fact there’s so much choice when it comes to choosing the right co-sleeper, we thought it’d be a good idea to try and give you a little helping hand on what to look for.

Why buy a co sleeper or bedside crib?


If you would like to begin co-sleeping you’ll probably be aware that there are many ways to co-sleep with your little one, however you may not be aware that some ways are safer than others in terms of protecting your baby from the dangers of SIDS.

Also known as a “next to me crib” bedside cribs can offer you with a safer and more practical way of co-sleeping with your baby, reducing the risk of SIDS and allowing you more time to bond with your little one as well as make it easier to do those night time feeds.

Find out more about safe co-sleeping via the Lullaby Trust, they offer great guidelines and advice on how to reduce the risk of SIDS and get the most from co-sleeping.

Are Bedside Cribs And Co sleepers safe?


Yes. ‘Next to me’ cribs can be a fantastic way to enjoy co-sleeping with your baby, however it’s important to follow the correct guidelines and choose a crib that meets all of the latest British Safety Standards specifically BS 1130-1/4:1996.

Co sleepers that meet these standards have been tested to specific standards that ensure that they are suitable and safe for your baby to use. These tests cover the overall functionality of the crib, as well as the safety of any materials, fillings and chemicals used in its production.

The mattress is a key safety element of any bedside cribs so it’s also important to consider this when choosing the crib you want to buy. The Lullaby Trust advise that babies should sleep on their back on a firm and flat mattress. Overly hard mattresses can be uncomfortable for your baby to sleep on, and you also don’t want your child to sleep on a mattress that is too soft, so it’s important to find a balance between the two.

How do next to me cribs work?


Essentially they allow you to keep your baby close to you by attaching directly to the side of your adult bed. Often one side of the crib has a window or cut-out that can be dropped down meaning that when the crib is positioned next to your bed, the mattress of the crib almost meets your own.

To remain stable the bedside crib is often fixed to the bed frame or mattress in some way usually with straps that pass underneath the adult mattress and secure to the bed frame. The frames often allow for plenty of height adjustment to meet the requirements of your bed also.

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